List Of Top 10 Topics For A Research Paper On The History Of Photography

For teenagers, taking pictures is something pleasant and relaxing. You can see students taking photos all the time, even if they are using a mobile phone or a professional camera. The good thing is that a passion like this can turn into a brilliant career in the future, so if you have talent you should focus on this. Writing an essay on history of photography should not be a challenge, especially if you choose one of these topics:

  1. The first photo in the history. This is a very interesting and easy topic, and your colleagues will listen to you when you read your composition. Besides, there is plenty of information on the Internet about this.
  2. Was there something similar to photos in the past? If you are more creative and you want something unique, this is the topic for you. Take a look at this company to see other similar topics.
  3. The first photo camera. Who came up with the idea and how? When it was invented? Did it work from the first try?
  4. The technology of photography. For sure the cameras evolved a lot from 10 years ago; nowadays we can take thousands of pictures and hold them in our hands in only a few seconds.
  5. Historical photos. There are those pictures that were taken at the right moment and at the right time. They stayed in history and you can admire them on the Internet.
  6. From black and white photos to colored ones. Do you think that people could ever imagine that colored pictures will exist? We can’t know the answer to this, but we can know who came up with this idea and when.
  7. Pulitzer winners during the last years. Any photographer dreams about winning a Pulitzer, and for good reasons. Anyone who won this prize is now famous all over the world.
  8. Habits and traditions captured on film. There are countries in the world where the modern media does not have access. However, some photographers helped us understand their culture in better way.
  9. World War photos. This might be emotional for you and your classmates, but it will be highly informative and interesting. You can find these pictures in museums or on the Internet.
  10. Who was the first person who took a picture?