A List Of Winning High School Research Paper Topics On Disney Movies

Disney is one of the most magical topics to cover but there are some controversial ways to look at these wonderful movies. This list will give you some happy and controversial topics to cover in your research paper but if you need professional assistance, check out this website.

Disney Movie Topics

  • Analyze one of your favorite Disney movies. You can look at what kind of topics they cover because some Disney movies cover current events.
  • Are Disney movies racist? If so which movies show racism and what are they depicting?
  • Disney mothers or the lack there of them. Disney movies often don’t depict a mother or they die early on in the movie, why is that?
  • Over the years, you have probably seen the advancement of movie making but you can analyze the movies and do a research paper on how they have advanced over the years.
  • The Disney princesses, they have become so popular but why is that and why are some princesses not included?
  • Disney and Pixar are two of the most successful producers of animated features. How did their partnership change animated features?
  • Stereotypes and Disney movies, you see most of this in older Disney movies but are there still these kinds of stereotypes in more recent films.
  • Piracy is still a problem but has the Pirates of the Caribbean films given them a more glamorous existence?
  • How does Disney movies portray the antagonists in the movies? Is there a formula or are they all different?
  • Are Disney movies giving girls higher standards on where to find love?
  • What are the gender roles in most Disney movies and have they evolved over the years?

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie and they are so popular it could be simple to find a topic to cover. This list will give an idea on what kind of topics you can cover in your research paper and how you can look at the movies a little different to find a topic. Disney movies have changed culture, since there beginning, they have been a hit and it seems like the Disney brand keeps growing every year, this is because of their animation and their acquirement of companies like Lucas Films, so now they are also the owners of one of the biggest movie franchise of all time.