A List Of Unique Research Paper Topics On World History

If you are trying to write a unique research paper on world history, it is important to choose a topic that is a bit more complicated and that you can’t just inform yourself by searching it online. It has to be about a problem, event or a process that has happened in the past and that has somehow not been written about by many people.

Think of a story that your grandmother told you about her life, or maybe even your parents, and you can come up with some great modern ideas. Or you can try to find, with the help of your professor, some great books on a subject that you are interested in, that can hide many interesting stories that have not yet been discussed.

Here is a list of unique research paper topics on world history.

  1. Mistakes of famous people from the past that have altered world politics and history
  2. Women of the history and the influence they had thou their right were minimal
  3. The inventions that have been just a lucky mistakes of civilization
  4. Relevant occurrences that had less influence on the world politics than people expected
  5. Important people that never wanted the fame
  6. Connection of art and the fight for national recognition – a comparative study
  7. Worst periods of world history and how did they occur – by human mistake or accident
  8. Forgotten people of the past that made big difference and then were condemned by society for their inventions
  9. How natures disasters influenced some historic events and would world be different if they didn’t happen
  10. Power of the great number of people and how powerless managed to change history
  11. Secret groups that changed history and what is the initiation to become a part of one
  12. Hidden truths about government that are praised on their democracy
  13. People from history that failed their people and were corrupted
  14. Countries that have waged least wars and why they remain peaceful
  15. Power of political marketing in presenting the world history in school textbooks

Always make sure that you have done a lot of research before you chose a topic, and it is easy if it is a local topic that is connected to the world history. That way there will be a lot of papers and books available in your local library for your to base your research and write on.