Seventeen Good American Literature Research Paper Topics

American literature includes works written by various authors in the area of the US. There are several periods in American literature that differ greatly from one another:

  • Colonial period.
  • Revolutionary period.
  • Nationalism and romanticism.
  • American Renaissance.
  • African influence and realism.
  • Contemporary American literature.

Research papers on American literature are often assigned to students by teachers of English. In such papers students are usually asked to analyze or compare works of various authors. This is an interesting work that allows students not only to learn the history of their country from pieces of literature, but also to develop their writing and analytical skills. Choosing a topic for a literature paper is easy if you have favorite writers or favorite works. Unfortunately, not all students are fond of literature nowadays, so they cannot pick a good topic right away.

In this article you may look at the list of decent topics for a paper on American literature.

  1. Jonathan Edwards and his Puritan sermons.
  2. The first American poet Anne Bradstreet and her inspiration.
  3. Can we say that John Woolman was a Quaker by reading his works?
  4. Thomas Paine and his pamphlet Common Sense in relation to the American Revolution.
  5. Phillis Wheatley as a precursor of abolitionism in American literature.
  6. Abigail Adams and her early feminist views in her writings.
  7. Contribution of Meriwether Lewis to the knowledge of geography, geology, and botany in his journals.
  8. What real events and people did Washington Irving use as a background to write Rip Van Winkle?
  9. James Fenimore Cooper and his portrayal of Native Americans in The Last of the Mohicans.
  10. Transcendental elements in the poem Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant.
  11. Blending of humor and pathos in The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
  12. A comparison of English sonnets of 19th century and sonnets by James Russell Lowell.
  13. New Hampshire by John Greenleaf displays his Quaker abolitionist beliefs.
  14. Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe is predominated by symbols of death.
  15. Frederick Douglass as one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement.
  16. Can we say that Carl Sandburg was a radical socialist through some of his works?
  17. Amy Lowell inspired many other female poets of her time with her poetry.

You may use these topics to write a good research paper on American literature and get a high score for your work. Remember not to copy anything from sample papers and works of other students.