Creating A Top-Quality Chicago Style Research Paper

Chicago style research papers are usually used for book or academic publishing. Most likely it used for post-graduate work. It usually is used in history or literature classes. The most important thing when you have been assigned a writing type is to make sure you have the most up-to-date formatting information. The most changes have occurred recently for references for data found online.

There are specific ways to format a top-quality research paper created in the Chicago style. The shorthand method is CMS. There is no reason to lose points because you didn’t pay attention to detail. Make sure the article you are creating is graded on its content, not on the format.


Make sure all of your margins are 1 inch from the sides all the way around but no greater than 1 ½ inches. Also have the first word of each new paragraph indented another ½ inch from the left margin.


It is recommended to use New Times Roman or Palatino for your font type. Also the font size is recommended to be 12 pt.


Most instructors will require a title page when they ask you to create a top-quality research paper using the Chicago style. If you are creating a title page, place the text centered about a third of the way down the page. The requirements call for not underlining the title. Also do not italicize it or bold it. Don’t use any punctuation after the title even if the title is in the form of a complete sentence. If you have a sub-title, put a colon at the end of the title and place the sub-title immediately below. Your name and class information should be put several lines lower and still centered. Headings don’t have any specific formatting but it is recommended that you be consistent.


Your text should be double spaced, even if you have longer quotes. The longer quotes should be offset from the rest of the text but leave the spacing the same. In CMS, use only one space after the period of each sentence. Leave all of your text left-aligned. Type you last name on the top right of each page. Also, number all pages except the first one.


There are many different ways to put your footnotes and endnotes. Most of the time super-scripted numbers should be used in the body of your research paper. On the footnote page, the numbers should be regular. Most recently, it is recommended to use whatever format the word processor uses. Your instructor may recommend a particular way to do the endnotes or the footnotes. Whatever type of formatting you use, make sure you are consistent. The first line of the footnote should be indented ½ inch from the left margin and the rest of the lines left-justified. Place an extra space in between each footnote.


There are different ways to list your sources. If you are using a Note and Bibliography type, label your first page, “Bibliography”. If you are using Author Date type, label it “References”. Leave a double space between the title and the first reference and then single space each reference. List the references in alphabetical order.


Put any tables or charts you may have immediately after the paragraph describes the content of the chart or table. Put a citation of the table or chart at the bottom it.

You spent a lot of time and sweat creating your top-quality research paper. You professor has recommended you complete the article in the Chicago Style format. Follow the instructions perfectly and make sure the grade on your paper is based only on the content.