Biology Research Paper Citation Rules: 10 Things You Should Know

Research papers are important part of a student’s curriculum. Making them the best is a real accomplishment for all. There are lot of things you can try to increase the quality of your research paper, citation is one them. Certain tips that can assist you in finding more details and a better overview about your concerned topic are given below. You can adopt these strategies in your writing and get a bug free works done in one go. Below are some popular tips and tricks.

Citation: an effective mechanism

Parenthetical citation is the name for an effective mechanism of referring to some other’s work in you text. This is a real effective mechanism because when added in research paper you can make it more good, and so many people do it on their works. As copying from other work is a crime and uniqueness is a quality protocol for research paper proper citation is needed when we refer to other’s work. Citation is nothing like what we can do simply, there are lot of guidelines to be followed. When we effectively use citation by following all guidelines, it can give you a rich content and high quality research paper. Here are 10 main things you should know about research paper citation rules:

  • Cited list- it is always preferred to have a cited list on your paper. It should have the information about any phrase or word from someone else’s work which you refer on your text.
  • Bibliography- bibliography should always possess the list of works or pages which has been referred on your text.
  • The author details- the details of the author and his work should always appear in your cited text. The author’s last name the work and the page number should be clearly specified with the cited text.
  • Multiple authors- we can do citing of works from multiple authors on your text.
  • Multiple work from the same author- by quoting a small title to differentiate it you can add multiple works from same author.
  • Multiple volumes- multiple volumes of a work can be cited by specifying volume number and page number.
  • Corporate authors- for works of corporate authors, specifying corporate name is preferred.
  • Unknown author- for work with unknown authors, the work title is used.
  • Multiple sources- multiple sources can be cited by specifying all separated by semi colon.
  • Bible- bible is a most common work being cited by many so far.