Writing An Outline For An Argumentative Research Paper

What is an argumentative essay? It is that piece of writing which helps you to express a certain opinion about a topic, either in its support or against it. In order to prove your point, you can always take the help of historical or any other type of proven examples in support of what you are writing. One of the most important facets of writing an argumentative piece of an essay is that it must be presented in such a way so that the readers feel that you are conversing with them. So, you have to be vigilant about your writing style and must be experienced in that written language.

If you are told to write an argumentative research paper, you need to follow certain guidelines. Through this article, we will discuss it elaborately.

The outline

In order to compose a debatable piece of research, you need to:

  • Introduce the topic first. Why do you want to write a contrary composition on that particular topic? What do you want to prove and how relevant it is for the contemporary society? Your introduction shall therefore be divided into two parts: in the first section, write about what you are arguing and why and in the second section, provide the background of the topic which will help to clear the concept about why you have chosen this specific subject.
  • In the next section, develop your argument. Here you will write supporting your statement. Provide enough evidence to validate your argument. It will be better if you write the shreds of evidence chronologically or sequentially. This will arouse enthusiasm in your readers, and they will understand easily and clearly what you want them to know.
  • The third section will be dedicated contradicting the theme. Here also, you must be able to generate enough evidence which can help you write against the topic. But be careful not to use any harmful or violent term. Present the negative shreds of evidence in a formal way that doesn’t incite criticism about you in your reader’s mind.
  • The entire thesis will be wrapped up with a definitive conclusion. Summarise what information you garnered on doing the work and share it with your readers. It will be better if you can begin the conclusion with the sentence, “So, what we get is that…” This will make the person who is reading your essay feel that you have done the entire work not only for self-gratification but also for other people’s satisfaction.

These are the general procedures about writing an argumentative research. If required, discuss with your supervisor or search on the net how a debatable piece of writing is compiled. This will help you clear your idea.