How To Write A Research Paper On Good Governance: Advice For Newbies

Like any other paper, research paper on good governance should follow the same steps. However, newbies need more guidance with this topic. It is a fact that “good governance” is a wide topic, so students have to study the topic in depth. This article introduces you to the topic of “good governance” and major steps to a good paper.

Main steps to write research paper

These are general steps that should precede not only paper in “good governance” but every paper in general. Newbies should read these carefully:

  • Choose the topic – You have to look for interesting topic that you are interested in before choosing the paper topic. The topic has to be challenging at the same time in order to keep you busy and to make you enjoy in writing it.
  • Search for information – After you have the topic you have to do a deep research on the topic. You can search information in the library or on the Internet.
  • Thesis statement – This is the first real step that includes writing and it is very important. The thesis statement reflects your opinion about the topic.
  • Rough outline – Before continuing with the rest of the paper, make an outline to follow.
  • Organization of notes – During your study and search of the topic, try to make notes writing down what you’ve found and where you’ve found that. At this stage, you should make use of them and use in the paper.
  • Write your draft – This is not difficult, since you will organize your notes and thoughts at the same time. You can add or delete anything you want in the later steps.
  • Revision of the first draft – This is the stage where you decide what to stay in and what to go out. Be critical to your writing.
  • Final version – Make a final version of the paper.

Good governance introduction

The process of implementing decisions is called governance, and if the process is well implemented it is good governance. Therefore, governance is not about the decision, but the whole process of implementing that decision.

These are the most important characteristics of “good governance”:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • According to the law
  • Responsive
  • Inclusive and equitable
  • Effective and efficient
  • Participatory

A paper that elaborates an aspect of this field should include research on all these characteristics. You have to stick to the steps that precede every paper in general, but follow the study of the major characteristics of “good governance”.