How to Ace Your 10-Page Research Paper on Bullying: Effective Tips

Writing a 10-page research paper on bullying may seem to be a nightmare. However, with a proper action plan, you will complete your assignment quickly and easily. First, you should understand the instructions given by your professor. Then, brainstorm key ideas for your paper and do a literature study. Third, write an outline, compose your first draft, and craft it. The following tips will help you ace your paper and impress your instructor.

What Tips on Composing a Research Paper to Remember

If you are struggling with your research paper on bullying, study and apply the following tips to make things a bit easier:

  • Gather all the materials that you may need.
  • You should feel comfortable while studying, so grab a notebook, pen, highlighters, index cards, and turn on your PC. Ensure that you have a strong Internet connection to use the online resources of your school’s library and writing lab.

  • Organize yourself.
  • Writing a 10-page research paper does not take long if you are well-organized. So, select a manageable topic, find key sources, and take effective notes. Bullying is a broad topic, so you need to narrow it down, e.g. write about why one person is bullying the others.

  • Compose a detailed outline.
  • If you have great notes, you should be able to compose a detailed outline quickly. It should contain your thesis, main ideas, key evidence, and a brief conclusion. Then, write a skeleton of your paper, including all the materials that you have.

  • Do not skip revising of your writing.
  • Revising is the most important stage of your work. You should read the text to ensure that your thesis is supported by enough evidence, there are no unnecessary details, each chapter reveals a single main point, and so on. It is also important to check the factual information.

Where to Find Sources for Your Research Paper

To ace your research paper, you should use reliable sources of information and data and analyze them carefully. There are several places where you can find materials for your assignment. They include your school’s library, your department’s website, popular websites devoted to psychological and social issues, online archives of colleges and universities, and scholarly databases.

Before you start doing your literature review and searching for data, it makes sense to ask your professor to recommend you some primary sources. Usually, you can count on getting five-ten key sources. Then, you will easily understand what else can be helpful for your research.