Ideas For Your Research Paper About The Death Penalty

The world is making a sincere effort to be more humane than what it was a few generations ago. A significant step it has taken almost across its sphere is the annulment of death penalty. Retributive principles propose that the criminals committing murder should be made to die. The powers-that-be think that there may be other solutions.

  • This is a sensitive and volatile issue and should be researched with prescience and clarity. You will have to find eminent data on the rise or fall of crime rate in countries in the ensuing period of the death penalty being quashed.
  • You will also have to find out the ratio of criminals who are hardened to those who accidentally commit the crime. There may be criminals for whom this is an act of excitement and also those who may have been brought to this discipline through rough childhood.
  • The law takes consideration of murders where the criminal didn’t actually want to commit the crime, or when it was done in self-defense. Yet, taking an objective look into death penalty may lead to ignorance of several factors.
  • Logic suggests that life imprisonment is as suffocating as death penalty, provided the security in prison is unimpeachable. Also, the fact that death penalty is hardly realized in quick time. At least in democratic countries, it takes years and years before the criminal is actually hanged.
  • Perhaps the hardened criminals and terrorists should be treated to death penalty because there is surely no chance of reformation in such cases. However, for singular cases where the criminal otherwise has a clean record, the death penalty may be revoked.
  • In cases where the criminal is young enough, say in early twenties, there ought to be no death penalties as the criminal can be reformed through acute mentoring and punishment.
  • In your research paper, you may also cover the fact that if the death penalty is revoked, it may strengthen the hopes and confidence of habitual criminals. Everyone fears death; but they may not be too turned off by life imprisonment.
  • You may also conduct a survey among people from disparate societies and the learned groups and sample out the results. This would authenticate your paper. Whatever you do; don’t give the paper a racist look.

Be objective

It is also essential to keep your personal perspective on the matter at a distance. This is a subjective topic and should be subjectively handled. This should not be brought to the fore or revoked in the basis of a single case. Play it safe.