Writing A Strong Problem Statement For A Research Paper

A problem statement is one of the most important things in a research paper. The meaning of a problem statement is clear. It is merely a statement of the problem or issue that you will be conducting research on.

How to write a strong problem statement

  1. Describe the way things are supposed to be - What would the world be like if this problem did not exist? Explain the way that things are actually supposed to be. This will show the implications that solving the problem you are talking about could have on the real world. For instance, if you are doing research on the media oversexualizing its models, you could say that the media should be something that provides quality, moral entertainment for families. Starting with this will allow you to transition into the problem statement. By first stating the way things should be, your next task is to talk about things the way that they are.
  2. Explain the issues well - You will need to be able to provide information on the issue you are researching. You will then need to explain why exactly this is a problem and why it needs to be solved. For instance, say you are conducting research on the media. A problem that you could talk about is that the media glorifies sexual behavior and that it can be harmful to young children and teenagers. In explaining the issues, ensure that you talk about who is being affected by a problem as well.
  3. Propose a solution - Explain how the problem is going to be solved. Write about the strategies that can be implemented in order to solve this problem. Do not give general solutions. Ensure that your solution is relevant to the problem at hand. The solution should also be as specific as possible. Come up with a creative solution. One that no-one else has come up with so far. In your solution, you have to explain the benefits of your solution and why it is going to work. You have to propose something tangible that can be achieved realistically.

If you follow the guidelines above that show you how to create a strong problem statement, you will have no difficulty writing one. Writing out a problem makes it a lot easier to solve it. Good luck with your research!