Creating A Great Marketing Research Paper Title: Tips And Examples

The purpose of a title is to compel a reader to peruse further down the writing. After all, a book is judged by its cover. Therefore, a writer must pay equal attention to how the content is titled. But perhaps it may be daunting for some people. Here are some tips and examples to help you choose a title for your essay, research, dissertation or thesis.

  • Repetitive phrase: Choose a recurring word/s or phrase or terminology that would relate to the core message of the article written that would sum up the content. A question like, “What is this article about?” can help you come up with that phrase. For example, if the article is about carbon emissions you will find the phrase ‘green technology’ repeated often.
  • Catchy question: Append a catchy question at the end of the phrase that is relevant to the target audience. It could be a vexing question that is being asked around in the circle, and that can grab the attention of the reader. Going back to the green technology example mentioned above, a question like, “How green is green?” can be very catchy. Just make sure that the questions are not only catchy but also short enough to fit in a line.
  • Rhyming words: Rhyming words, i.e. words that end with the same sound can be a great way of psychologically nudging the reader to read the content of the article. It has been proven to be a great way to memorize things and perhaps that is why poets use them very frequently. For example, “Too fat to fish.” Notice the words “too” and “to” sound alike but mean different things.
  • Use humor: Humor has never failed. It transcends every generation and culture. Using amusement to create awareness is a surefire way to make the content stick in people’s minds. A humorous title can also be in the form of innuendoes and euphemisms such as “Undo consultant.” Since the word “undo” is technical it can have a lingering effect on the mind.

Alternatively, there are many freelance services available online at very affordable rates to help you choose a topic for your work and title it in an interesting way that captures the attention of the reader. Make use of them as they can save you some valuable time that is much needed for your academic pursuits.