24 Good Ideas For Your Research Paper On Education

All of us are involved in the process of education – whether you are a teacher, student, or parent. Writing a research paper on education gives you a chance to have a look at certain problems from inside and try to find ways of solving them. Therefore, this work can be useful and capturing. You should only choose the subject that interests you most.

What Should Be Considered while Selecting the Topic

Being a vast field for research by itself, education is closely connected with other sciences – medicine, psychology, sociology, and others. To select the topic, you should take into account:

  • the interest in certain problems in learning or teaching
  • the value of the topic for society
  • the possibility to carry out your investigation and collect data – arrange surveys and interviews
  • the availability of information.

Possible Topics for a Research Paper

Here is the list of ideas that reflect certain burning issues in education:

  1. Evaluation of effectiveness of multicultural education in minority students' integration.
  2. Pluses and minuses of conversing to year-round education.
  3. Standardized tests – standardized minds: the need to change testing culture.
  4. Connection between marginalization of adolescents and standardized literacy tests.
  5. The role of social workers in preventing school violence.
  6. Evaluation of different models of cooperation between parents and school.
  7. What should be counted for in teaching children with attention disorder deficit?
  8. The effective ways of creating a healthy learning environment.
  9. Are exams the only and the best way for evaluating learning achievements?
  10. How to enhance learning abilities with digital games?
  11. Recent studies in the area of behavior modification.
  12. What are visible and feasible results from implementation of No Child Left Behind Act?
  13. Problems in preparing teachers for work with students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  14. Challenges of high-tech society: are year-round schools enough to meet them?
  15. Effective ways of motivating teachers' professional development.
  16. Parents' involvement into multicultural education.
  17. The ways of preventing aggressive behavior and violence in secondary schools.
  18. Effective instruments for progress monitoring.
  19. The ways of providing effective classroom management.
  20. The causes of widening gap in fulfilling math literacy test among students with diverse social backgrounds.
  21. The impact of social-emotional learning on the development of mental abilities and behavior in junior students.
  22. Globalization and its influence on multicultural education.
  23. The difference between traditional assessment and progress monitoring.
  24. Raising of motivation as one of the ways in solving problems with learning and behavior.