A Selection Of 16 Impressive Research Paper Topics On Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a vice that threatens to destroy the lives of young people and has broken lots of families in the past. The following are some topics that you can write about”

  1. Explain what you understand by drug addiction
  2. Discuss how common drugs can be used in such a way as to become an addiction
  3. Discuss the reason why taking a smaller dose of a drug is not such a good idea
  4. Explain the situations where an individual would be allowed legally to use morphine
  5. Discuss how the society we live in allows the drug addiction vice to propagate over time
  6. Discuss how effective drug addiction campaigns have been over the years in reducing the spread of drug addiction and abuse
  7. Explain how community gangs are related to drug abuse and addiction, and discuss ways of helping young children escape the snare of addiction
  8. Discuss the role of the law enforcement in dealing with addicts and preventing the spread of the vice among young kids
  9. World leaders have spoken out against drug addiction in the past. Discuss some 5 leaders that have strongly spoken out against drugs
  10. Explain how lack of proper parenting skills at home can lead to kids developing an addiction to drugs
  11. Marijuana is continually being legalized in a lot of states within the United States. Explain some of the challenges that will come about as a result of this decision
  12. Is there anything like a mild drug? Discuss with reference to addiction
  13. Explain some of the common signs that you can take note of to determine whether you are becoming addicted to a particular drug
  14. There have been concerns that the working population is under a lot of stress, and as a result so many people are on drugs to feel better when they get to work. Discuss how the corporate circle leads to an increase in drug abuse and addiction, and provide feasible recommendations on what should be done to remedy the situation
  15. Discuss the role of the church in providing guidance to the youth and preventing them from becoming addicts at such an early age
  16. Explain how the educational system churns out drug addicts every other year, and provide some recommendations on how this situation can be corrected, with feasible solutions that can be implemented at school level.