How To Create A Brilliant Economics Research Paper

To write a brilliant research paper in Economics, you have to follow certain guidelines to make your paper a readable one. You have to fill up your paper with the illustrated data and examples, so that it can prove to be a good paper.

Here are some tips, which you can follow:

  • Your writing should contain simplicity, unity and clarity. You should present your work in a simple manner. So that your readers can understand it easily.
  • Your title of your work should be simple and should be descriptive with your work. Your title should clearly state the main motto of your research. Don’t use funny or witty titles.
  • The abstract of your work should have enough description and should be informative. The readers will read your abstract first, then they will decide whether to read the rest of the paper or not. So the abstract should be written in such a way that your readers can get the main objective of your work. If your abstract grab the attention of the readers, then they will read your whole work.
  • Then, the introduction of your paper should tell about the main objective and purpose of it. It also should clarify the points, which you are about to describe in your work further. You should give a hint to your readers about the outcome of your analyzing work.
  • In the body, there you should include data representation and the sources of it. Analyzed data can provide the idea of your point of view and also it will help the readers to get an idea of the present condition. Identify the data source, describe it and state the pros and the cons of the source of the data. Always keep notes on the part of the sources that can affect your analyzing work. Give explanations for any type of adjustments you have made regarding the data.
  • Economic research has always dealt with the testing of the constructed models. Models are the representation of the economic condition of the society. They are mainly presented with a combination of maths and words. Try to put this type of features to make it more convincing.
  • After putting each of your collected data, give a description to it and reveal the technique through which you have collected the information.
  • Write about the findings which you have found in your research work.
  • Give a good conclusion to your work. Include an overall view of your work.