How To Create A Decent Research Paper On Literature: Basic Tips

A research paper on literature is nothing but a literature review taking into account the research done in the past, the ongoing research and research that may further the subject in the future. It should ideally consist of differing views and not just those views that are supportive of that particular argument. A background review of a particular theme of findings, i.e. why studies were conducted to verify the particular hypothesis, which lie on the periphery of the main arguments can give an in-depth investigative element to it.

The quality of this type of paper on literature can be boosted, thereby improving its effectiveness and efficiency, by ensuring that certain prerequisites are included not with the intention of it getting accepted for journal publication but most importantly by being informative to the reader, be it an academic, an examiner or the public at large.

Below are some highly recommended inclusions you may want to consider:

  1. Topic: An essay on literature should begin with a very specific and narrow topic or a theme that is exploratory in nature and meaningful in purpose.
  2. Findings: Illustrate with the use of words the studies done by academics in the past in favor of the argument and their conclusions.
  3. Contrast: Contrast the above with arguments claimed by other academics that have gone on to present findings in complete contradiction to the main argument.
  4. Hypothesis: Present your hypothesis or argument that led you to conduct the literature study or research. This argument can also be an assumption or viewpoint made based on general knowledge and instinct.
  5. Methodology: Describe in detail the methodology used, why you chose that particular methodology as opposed to a different one, the quality and quantity of the sample used as well as the methodology process.
  6. Limitations: It is highly suggested that any limitations of the methodology or any disclaimer to be made by the authors should be included in a decent research paper.
  7. Findings: Conclude the paper with the findings of the literature study conducted. This would typically be either in support of the hypothesis or refuting it or inconclusive.

As a final note, if the findings are inconclusive in nature it is a brilliant idea to mention whether you intend to do further study and if so to touch briefly upon a plan for doing so.