How To Compose A Narrative Research Paper: Best Techniques From An Expert

Narration means using the first person and strong verbs to describe a personal experience or recall an event in form of a story. You will write different narrative assignments during your academic career including essays, passages, term papers, and research papers. Even though narration is a narrowed down category of description but it involves some features that are not must in a descriptive assignment. A narrative paper must always use a personal point of view from the writer and must present ideas in a way where the writer was actually present during the events.

If you are not sure, what is a narrative style then you should consider looking at examples of research papers in this style. You will find expert written papers that will show you distinct features mentioned above for narration. To make it easier, you can consider recalling a movie or a book you read that is a narrative. The famous series Lord of the Rings is a descriptive and narrative both because it presents the story from the writer’s perspective

You need to decide whether you want to write your paper using first person narrative, second person narrative or a third person narrative. The style for all of these will stay the same but the difference will be in the subject or the storyteller using I, you or he/she as a pronoun.

When writing a narrative research paper, you should keep in mind that the focus of the assignment will be on verbs and adverbs. You would need strong action words to narrate the events that happened and how they happened when you experienced them. You can take help from the thesaurus if you are feeling confused in choosing a specific verb to narrate your experience however, try to keep your paper formal and in simple English. Do not fall for the misconception that good writing is complicated writing

It is important for the events in your paper to follow a chronological order because you are narrating an experience. You cannot jump to the middle of the story and then come back to the start or change the order of events because that will confuse the reader. You can either start with the last event in the order and reverse back to the first or start with the first event and continue the research paper until the last event