How To Write An Academic Research Paper Cover Page In A Proper Way

A cover page is the section of the research that introduces you and your work to the audience and the panellists set to read and review your work. It requires on point and cutting edge precision to well articulate what you are talking about. Due to its significance as an introductory section, all elements that it encompasses must be included and appear in the right format.

Moreover this is the section that makes the audience to develop interest in reading your article through how well formulated and drafted it appears. The topic should be catchy on top of the page preferably on the centre and written in capital letters to be spotted on the first look.

Generally apart from the topic, this section includes the course, the full names of the student and the registration number, the faculty and university, the year and the date of submission.


The title to be tackled in the body of the article looks best when it is located in the top and middle area according to how most of the professors prefer it though some may approve of a different format other than this.

Name of institution and faculty

The name of the institution to which research is meant should be indicated just below the title and also in clear cut block letters. This includes the faculty or school where your course is found and the specific institution that you are studying at.

Name of student and registration number

Indicate the name of the student carrying out this study and compiling the assignment together with the registration number given by the university. Ensure to include full names and inn the right format as known and used by the administration.

Date and year of presenting the assignment

Indicate the date that you have presented the said assignment to the panel/examining body. Certain lecturers/professors would require that you indicate their names and that of your supervisor just below the date and year indicated.


The spacing in this section should be a generous one and not a crowded one. At least use double spacing to make it appear tidy, neat and presentable in a way that ensures the mandatory titles fit as required.

Different formats are available in drafting this section; the MLA and APA styles. Depending on which one you are using, the layout of the section will vary from the conventional block format to others as may be recommended by the course instructors.