A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On Globalization

We cannot ignore the fact that globalization has become a big issue in this era, thanks to increasing industrialization which has brought together different countries in trading partnerships but again what about the flipside of increasing construction of multinational industries? Are nations spreading global warming instead of curbing it? Governments have come up with different ways of benefiting from globalization among which is the increased employment opportunities and as also enlarging their economies. As a student of business, globalization is a massive economic progress for all countries around the world and there is no doubt almost all countries want to be a party to it. So, what else can be said or written about the increasing integration of world economies?

Are richer nations exploiting the poor one at the expense of helping uplift struggling economies? Is there more damage than good? What about exports and imports of a country? Is globalization a good platform for enhancing economic, social and political corporation among nations? Well, there are many upsides and downsides to this topic and so if you are tasked to do an academic research paper on the same, what areas will you exploit? Fundamentally, globalization is a wide concept and there is no doubt you will never lack what to write in your term paper if it happens that this become the question. In this post, we delve into great topics on the subject worth taking note of and perhaps writing on, so read on for more details.

  • To begin with, many people would want to have an understanding of what globalization really is. So, one such fertile area from which you can craft a good topic is basically around the definition. In this regard, a title like investigating the various forms of globalization would be ideal.
  • The positive effects of globalization on third world countries is also another greater topic you can write on but of course remember to use a case study of a country for manageable but representative outlook of the subject.
  • Globalization and brain drain-Take a case study of an industry and country if you want to craft something interesting
  • How is globalization responsible for transfer of bad culture?
  • A paper on how globalization has contributed to weakening of third world economies
  • Another great area to take a look at is the relationship between globalization and global warming.