Crafting A Marketing Research Paper: A Free Tutorial

Writing your marketing research paper is an essential skill no matter what area of business you end up in for a career. Writing talent will be of great benefit to you, so now is a great time to practice and polish up your skills.

Your paper may involve several areas, such as:

  • Essentials of planning a business
  • Information about your prospective customers
  • Data about your market of interest
  • Needs and desires of your prospective clients
  • Statistics of your competitors
  • Financial trends in the market
  • Information gained through surveys
  • Interested focus groups relevant to your market

Creating your paper

You will need the essential elements of any research paper: the title page, body, references and charts or diagrams if applicable. You may include qualitative and quantitative evidence depending on what area you are researching. The parts of your paper should be formatted according to the style guide you’ve been assigned. For business, it’s usually APA, Chicago or Harvard style. Use the one your teacher requires.

  1. Choose an interesting topic – make it both interesting and challenging. When it’s a topic you enjoy, you will be able to feel enthused and excited to write the paper.
  2. Find the necessary information – make sure your references are trustworthy and legitimate. When using the internet be careful to only use sites that are government or education based, such as .gov or .edu as this will help to ensure the information has been verified.
  3. State your thesis – using some critical thesis, try to keep your statement within one sentence. This is like a declaration of what you are presenting or proving.
  4. Make an outline – start this when you start your research. As you read through interesting articles start keeping track of what the main headings for your paper should be. Write these down and then jot down several sub headings in support of each one. You will fill in each paragraph using these notes. The outline will show you if you have covered all the main ideas for your paper in a logical order.
  5. Write the first draft – you begin with the first topic you’ve written in your outline. Using the notes under it, create a paragraph bringing all the ideas together. It’s this same process for each paragraph of the body.
  6. Revisions and proofreading – take a look at your paper and see if it follows the outline. Have you forgotten anything? After any necessary revisions, thoroughly proofread and clean up the spelling errors. Your paper should be polished and ready now.