Academic Writing Tips: What Are The Optional Parts Of A Research Paper?

A research paper is an important academic paper in the career of a student. This is because they need to score well in the paper, think critically, organize their ideas and create a strong paper based on original work. This should be your own idea and research because there is no need to write a paper if the ideas are copied from somewhere else. Different teachers have different instructions for writing an assignment. They would specify what you should do and how you should do so that you can create a winning paper. If you want to succeed in writing a winning paper then you must follow the instructions from your teacher

One thing to note here is that all teachers do not want you to follow similar instructions. Some teachers prefer one format while others like to receive a paper in another format. Not all the sections in a paper are essential, while some of these will be optional parts. This means that having this part is not mandatory and your paper should be complete even without it. Here are the optional parts in a research paper

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The cover page is an optional section of your assignment. This is the first page that the reader will see before your paper starts. You simply need to include your name, affiliation, title of the paper, university name and details about your class in this page. You may or may not include an image in this page but if you do, you should make sure there are not more than two images in the cover. The title should be clear and must not overlap with any other text or image in your paper


The abstract is a mini version of your assignment. You will create an overview of whatever you have discussed in your paper in the abstract. This helps the readers see the extract of your work in less than five minutes

Table of contents

This table is a better way to organize your paper and show your audience the contents included in your assignment. Make sure that you write the sections in the right order in which they appear in the paper


Your paper should be complete with or without the appendix