Writing A Science Fair Research Paper: Practical Guidelines

If you have recently completed your science fair project and now you are setting about to write your science fair research paper there are some practical guidelines you should follow.

  • As you conduct your research follow the background research plan so that you can take proper notes that will be integrated into your report. Remember that this paper is intended to give you and the reader a history of experiments which are similar to the one you are conducting or inventors who had similar ideas. This research paper should also define any important keywords or concepts which appear in your experiment. The final product should answer all of the background questions related to your research plan and it should describe any mathematical formulas which are needed to describe the experiment for the results of the experiment.
  • The general format for your final piece should include adequate details describing the experiment you conducted, what formulas or steps you took to complete the experiment, who participated in the experiment, what you found out through conducting the experiment, and why your experiment was important for your field. These are all important items to be listed in your final write up. Remember that a good write up should provide enough information that somebody looking at it for the first time could re-create the experiment you conducted and achieve the same results.
  • For every picture or fact which you include you need to have a citation which indicates to the reader where the information was located. The citation should simply state the name of the author and the date of publication in parentheses. You should verify which format you have to follows that you know how to properly cite all of your sources in accordance with your requirements.
  • If any text in your report is copied from another source you have to put quotation marks around it and the citation. You never want to copy the work of someone else and call it yours instead you always want to give credit when necessary.
  • As a general rule many teachers preferred that your report including title page with the list of your project, your name, and the date followed by the report body text, the bibliography, and any additional requirements such as your appendix.
  • You should check with your teacher for any additional requirements pertaining to the table of contents or even the page numbers. These are all very important details as small as they might be and you never want to fail to complete any of them as it can cost you dearly in terms of your final grade.